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What is Wastewater?

Wastewater is any water that has been used for varied purposes. As the whole World is looking towards maximizing the water utilisation to preserve the water resources, there is a lot of water being wasted for regular usage. In short, the water that is used once and is feasible for re-use in some or other way is called Wastewater. 

What is the purpose for Wastewater Treatment?

The water that has been used for regular household chores contains solids or substances when removed or treated can be re-used for various purposes. Apart from the domestic wastewater, the water that is used by Industries is released back to the environment that’s harmful in large. All the domestic & industrial water can be treated by removing the contaminants and released to the environment either for re-use or to make the water eco-friendly. Wastewater Treatment is much essential to recycle the used water.

What are the types of Wastewater Treatment? 

The Wastewater on the whole is of two types – Domestic & Industrial Wastewater. 

The treatment of domestic wastewater process is Sewage Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants can be installed for independent multi-storeyed residential buildings where the water can be recycled for other uses as well as gardening. 

The Industrial Wastewater needs to be treated by removing the solids, chemicals etc., mixed in water before releasing out of the industries. Here comes the need for the Effluent Treatment Plants as the solids in the wastewater are known as effluents that are removed during the treatment process. The treated water can be effectively used distinctly in improving the ground water resources.

Global Wastewater Treatment Companies: 

Earlier were the days where mankind was nature friendly and nature was part of the human lifestyle. With the rise of technological developments & innovations, the livelihood of people is being driven away from nature less emphasizing on preservation & conservation instead, it is totally misused or overused. 

As the caption says “If not now, never”; it is the dire need of the hour to take all the cautious measures to save nature and here is the need to save water to save life for the future. Consequently, many of the Global Wastewater Treatment Companies are eyeing on the water recycling, preservation & conservation methods to save water and nature. 

Veolia Water Technologies, South Africa:

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa is part of the Veolia Group. The Veolia Group is the global leader in optimized resource management. With over 171 000 employees worldwide, the Group designs and provides water, waste and energy management solutions which contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries. Through its three complementary business activities, Veolia helps to develop access to resources, preserve available resources and to replenish them. In 2018, the Veolia Group supplied 95 million people with drinking water and 63 million people with wastewater service, produced nearly 56 million megawatt hours of energy and converted 49 million metric tons of waste into new materials and energy.

WEC Projects:

WEC Projects is a leading EPC contractor that expertise in the provision of engineered solutions in the water and wastewater treatment industry. Situated in Johannesburg, South Africa, WEC Projects is active throughout the African continent. WEC Projects focus on areas including water treatment, sewage treatment and renewable energies. WEC Projects undertakes biogas-to-energy projects and offers sludge beneficiation solutions. WEC Projects is the exclusive South African licensee for Nereda which allows for sustainable and cost-effective large-scale sewage treatment. The Ultimate Plan is to create lasting solutions in water and wastewater purification and renewable energy generation. WEC Projects is the Ultimate Team of engineering for a better tomorrow and improving the world by purifying water.

Lektratek Water Technology:

Lektratek Water Technology is a unique South African Organization with complete in-house facilities for the design, fabrication, corrosion protection, transportation and erection of a comprehensive range of municipal and industrial wastewater equipment. The Organization is registered as an 8ME contractual work (reference number 107503), with the Construction Industry Development Board and currently has a Level 2 B-BBEE score and a CSD registration  0303945.  Lektratek Water Technology is the only manufacturer in South Africa that makes all the Hardware related to sewage treatment equipment. LWT is the South African manufacturer of Archimedean screw pumps with an active reference list of more than 30 years. The primary belt press sludge dewatering machines were fabricated during 1993 – currently agents for the Giotto (previously known as Sernagiotto / Siemens) belt presses and have access to supply other well known European equipment as well. Lektratek Water Technology has vast knowledge in the sewage and wastewater field spans more than 30 years.

Maskam Water:

Maskam Water imports great quality pumps, wastewater treatment plants, water purification equipment, UVs, air purifiers, etc. from around the globe and redistributes that all through Sub-Saharan Africa. Maskam Water supplements these products with a range of products that are manufactured at Bracken fell (Cape Town) facility, to offer turn-key solutions to the customers. Maskam Water has a full range of products specifically aimed at the green building industry / eco-friendly developments. Maskam Water is the system of talented and licensed sellers which are spread throughout Africa and United Arab Emirates & will provide you with extraordinary service & advice.

Water Purification chemical Plant (WPCP):

Water Purification Chemical Plant (WPCP) is based in Mount Edgecombe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. But the specialized work takes WPCP to all areas of Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa and maintains consistently high standards and carry out Broad research with a view to improving the effectiveness. WPCP deals with the chemical aspects of drinking water treatment, the finer details of filtration, or the design of a major water purification and wastewater treatment plant. Transforming raw surface water from dams and rivers, or in some cases underground or water for reuse, into pristine drinking water that is safe for human consumption represents a triumph of engineering and chemistry. With the innovative design and in-depth technical knowledge, WPCP offers treatment plants which are reliably powerful and reliable.

Paterson Candy International (SA):

PCI Africa formerly Paterson Candy International (SA) (PTY) Limited has a history Going back to the 1870’s when Frank Candy began supplying filtration equipment around the world. PCI Africa was established in 1953 and has been at the cutting edge of water and wastewater treatment for nearly 60 years, with a staff of engineers and project managers, who have extensive experience in the water and sewage treatment fields.

PCI Africa’s Essential role is as process contractor and solution provider in the water and wastewater treatment sectors. The company offers an assortment of services from process design, plant design, project management, equipment manufacture, materials supply, installation, commissioning and where appropriate operation and maintenance. 


Huber Technology provides Best in class equipment for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment. Huber’s main focus is on liquid/solid separation in general and headwork’s equipment in particular. Huber offer a comprehensive line of stainless steel equipment.

The HUBER Group with its more than 1,100 employees worldwide is successfully operating in the environmental engineering sector and continuously approves and develops new products for their customers. With its more than 60 subsidiaries, representative offices and agents, the HUBER Group is among the worldwide leading suppliers in the field of wastewater/sludge treatment and process engineering. With more than 175 years of commitment to drinking water and wastewater treatment, HUBER has always been an innovator in this field with a persistent focus on the development of new solutions to conserve one of the most Significant resources Related to water.


Aquamat SA Pty Ltd is a South African Company based in Ormonde, Johannesburg, South Africa. The company operated for many years as Aquamat after it incorporated Soft Water Installations, which operated in Water Treatment since 1968. It continued its operations in developing, manufacturing and distribution of products, systems and services for the treatment of water in South Africa and neighboring countries. Aquamat SA Pty Ltd has established itself as a leader in technology applied in water treatment equipment and has achieved wide acknowledgment for providing sound, cost-effective and reliable solutions for the purification and treatment of water. 


Evac is the world’s leading Supplier of integrated water and waste management systems, as well as corrosion-protection systems, for the marine, offshore, and building industries. Evac cutting-edge solutions and services have been helping leading global players in these industries to significantly reduce their environmental footprint for 40 years. With workplaces in 14 countries across four continents and representatives in more than 70 countries, Evac takes pride in being close to the customers wherever in the world they are located. Evac gives comprehensive offering includes solutions sold under well-known HEM and Cathelco brands.

Water Icon:

Water Icon is a South African based water treatment company providing a full scope of water treatment services for the industrial, municipal and residential sectors.

Situated in Johannesburg, Water Icon’s reach extends throughout Africa and have successfully completed several turnkey projects on the continent. With Agents and offices based in countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo, Tanzania and Ethiopia Water Icon is geared up to supply full range of services/ products to these markets.

Water Icon offers a unique portfolio of Innovation, offer everything from Crisis water supply and conventional water treatment processes to waste water reuse systems. In addition to a full range of expert water treatment services, Water Icon stock an enormous selection of high quality water systems, water purification products, water faucets and fittings and provide a one-stop source for filters and accessories.

Process Water Technologies (PWT):

Process Water Technologies (PWT) SA is a well-established South African company, serving national and international businesses. PWT have experienced team of engineers and undercover workshops located in Kempton Park, Gauteng. Offering complete turnkey solutions, PWT service offering includes full design, fabrication, assembly and delivery. Installation is done on-site, as well as the commissioning of all water treatment, sewage treatment and effluent treatment plants.

PWT have vast experience and a proven track record in clean water solutions. PWT do not compromise on quality and their mission is to offer quality water treatment plants. PWT provides pure water at quality prices, using plants and processes that are specifically designed to suit your needs.

Prominent Group:

The Prominent Group of Companies is based in Heidelberg and for over 55 years has been developing and manufacturing components and systems for metering liquids and solutions for water treatment and water disinfection. The foundation of prominent global success story is high-quality products based on decades of engineering expertise, an in-depth understanding of applications and continuous innovation. The group of companies therefore invests continuously in research and development. Prominent Group also has a high degree of vertical integration at its 11 production sites worldwide, including Heidelberg, guaranteeing outstanding levels of quality for our customers and ensuring our independence from fluctuations in supplier markets.


Established in 1986, PROXA is a specialized water solution provider of sustainable water services within the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors.

PROXA’s range of water treatment services cover the entire water cycle from consulting and design, research and development, engineering and construction, and plant modernization to operational management, maintenance, repairs, after-market service, chemicals, consumables and spares. Proxa solutions are optimal, reliable and efficiently implemented, while Proxa in-house expertise, extensive research and access to leading global technologies enable to deliver objective solutions tailored to address the client’s unique set of needs.

Superior Filtration:

Superior Filtration designs and manufactures industrial filtration solutions. Established in 1985, Superior Filtration have filters operating in 32 countries around the world. Superior Filtration range of filters service multiple industries and are designed to be robust, reliable, and require little management or maintenance.

Every filtration application is unique, and optimal performance requires an accurate diagnosis. Superior Filtration will assess your specific filtration needs and then recommend a fit-for-purpose filtration solution. Superior Filtration products are unique and world-class. The diagnostic ability reduces your risk and your lifetime cost.


Sustainable access to safe drinking water and essential sanitation is a significant part of the development goals. For most African countries, a broad exertion is needed for the last three remaining years for the accomplishment of the Water Management Goals especially in Sub‐Saharan Africa. Current practices for Water and Wastewater Treatment in Africa are insufficient to ensure Safe Water and Fundamental Sanitation

To address this challenge, joint efforts are needed, including transforming to a green economy, innovating technologies, improving operation and maintenance, harvesting energy, improving governance and management, promoting public participation, and establishing water quality standards. A new report has predicted that the South Africa Wastewater Treatment Chemicals market will develop at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6 percent from 2018 until 2024.

Many of the Water Treatment Companies are emerging globally with the utmost Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions. Austrowatertech is one such service provider with an end to end Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions provider has an established pedestal throughout India and expanding its base all through South Africa. Hydromo is the one stop water solutions provider that caters to the overall water recycling, preservation & conservation needs.

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